Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, the season is back in full swing now!
Just finished getting the pots and pans done from our latest competition "BBQ in the Bluffs" in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
We didn't fare as well as we had hoped, so we have some room for improvement.
37 teams were entered in this contest, and some very tough teams at that!
Overall we placed 18th.
Here's our scores...
Chicken 24th- I'm not sure why, we were really happy with the finished product. I don't see us changing anything here, we'll see what the next contest brings!
Pork ribs 10th- I was actually suprised by this as I was dissappointed with the appearance of the ribs. The flavor was spot on so I'm thinkin' that helped with the top ten finsh.
Pork 14th- I was comfortable with this finish as I was a little rushed to put the food in the turn in box and I think it showed. I'm really hoping our pork will be a strong contender this season.
Brisket 25th- Well...this one stumped us as well. Our brisket tasted phenomenal- I guess those judges just didn't know what good brisket is supposed to taste like! Or is it, we don't know what good brisket tastes like? Hmm....
Anywho- we're lickin' our wounds, and our fingers, and doing some more test runs this weekend in preparation for our next contest...Smokin' in the junction in Valley Junction, Iowa.

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