Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BBQ in the Bluffs!
Another contest down, this one was in Council Bluffs,Ia.
We arrived to nice warm weather and of course-wind.

After setting up the camp it was time to start cooking for the people's choice contest...WINGS!

Well, I was happy with them but the problem was that we were last on the list for the people to try them, by the time they got to us they were complaining about being too full...amatuers!
Not a real organized contest, we still don't know how we placed for the wings but I digress....

OK...All I can recollect about this picture is hearing a voice say "who's the bitch now?" and then the click of the camera.

I think I'm accused of being a slave driver!

Nontheless, here's actual proof that I can do dishes (unless my part time helpers would step it up a little more) heh heh!

Here we are taking a well deserved break before the turn ins start.


Now... the money shot!

Well ok, you can't see the money but in my hot little hand is two-count 'em- two checks and two ribbons!

We got calls for 5th place in pork and 6th place in brisket!

We placed in 5th place overall. Very good showing for the mafia.

Our next contest memorial weekend is a big one "The Great American Bbq" in Kansas. There's gonna be a lot of good teams there, hopefully we can do as well as last year.