Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here is a tentative list of contests that we will be hopefully attending this season...
April 24-25...Barry road, Kansas city , Mo(Hy Vee parking lot)
May 8-9........BBQ in the Bluffs Council Bluffs, Ia
May 22-25....Great American BBQ, Kansas City, Ks
June 5-6........Great Pork BBQ'lossal, Des Moines, Ia
June 12-13....O'town BBQ showdown,Ottumwa, Ia
June 26-27...Iowa State BBQ championship, Marshalltown, Ia
July 17-18....BBQ'loo and Blues too, Waterloo,Ia
July 18-19.....BBQ in the park, LaPorte, Ia
Well, I'll stop there for now. If we have the energy,and more importantly, the money we will do more.
We hope some of you can join us for moral support-and free dishwashing too!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here goes nothin'!

Hi guys and gals! Well, we'll see how this goes.
Hopefully I'll keep this up to date so everyone can see where we go and how we do.